Quality eggs make a quality cake

In the clean nature of Eastern Finland we make our delicious cakes, carelian style pies and pancakes.

All our products are made from real and pure ingredients such as farm fresh eggs, without any additives.


Product options are blonde naural or dark cocoa flavoured.

Ingredients: egg, sugar, wheat flour, baking powder, (cocoa).

Size and packaging are adjustable according to customer needs.

Traditional cakes

Most common sizes 15,5 cm, 18 cm, 22 cm & 27 cm

Layer cakes

size (cm): 58 x 44 x 1


Deli, spinach or spelt? Have a taste of our range of pancakes and find your favourite.

Deli pancake

includes oat

Spinach pancake


Spelt pancake

flour 100 % spelt, no added sugar

Carelian style rye pies

Hand made carelian style rye pies are delivered frozen.

Our customers


All our products are made from farm fresh eggs from nearby farms, without any additives.

The wellbeing of chickens are taken into special consideration. They can move freely in the henhouse, lay eggs in nests and can sleep on a perch.


T&T Food Oy bakery works together with T&T Lintutalo Ay.

Owners in both companies are Tiina Laamanen and Teppo Eronen.


T&T Food Oy is based in the clean nature of Eastern Finland.
The company was founded in 2009 for further processing the eggs produced on the farm.
Our own egg production has ended, but we use eggs from nearby farms.
We cannot tell which chicken laid the egg, but we can track the eggs used in your product exactly to
the farm they came from and the day they were laid.
All our products are made from farm fresh eggs, without any additives.
We hold the FSSC certificate for food safety.

Oiva -report (07.12.2021)

T&T Food Oy

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T&T Food Oy

Viisalanmäentie 408,
51890 Risulahti

Tiina Laamanen


Teppo Eronen


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